Privacy Policy

Welcome to Merry Christmas Status.

Merry Christmas Status full action to respect online privacy. The following words describe how and which type of information we collect about visitors of Merry Christmas Status

Types of information we collect

Merry Christmas Status collects personally identifiable information such as name, email address, and website. Besides this three information, Merry Christmas Status does not collect information like contact number, banking details etc from any visitor. Merry Christmas Status is not getting such kind of information from any other websites, blogs or agencies.

Non-personal identifiable information

Non-personal identifiable information includes data that may correspond to a particular person but is not sufficient to identify, contact or locate the person. Merry Christmas Status collection information type of browser, computer system specification, IP addresses, Cookies and other information.


A cookie is a small data file stored on a computer for various tracking purposes by websites and advertisers. Cookies are created by your Web browser. We use Cookies to enhance user experience on our Website. We never place personally identifiable information in Cookies. Additionally, our business partners (for example, advertisers) may use cookies as well. Merry Christmas Status has no access or control of advertiser’s web cookies and is not responsible for any information stored in these types of cookies. Visitors can disable the use of cookies by changing settings of their respective web browser. However, if you disable Cookies, there might be chances that you cannot access contents on our Website effectively or at all.

Advertising and other links

A visitor may find different links in advertisement links or can be links which are useful to a visitor(for example, Facebook or Google developer console).

Websites which are opening from
these links may have different privacy policies and are not under the control of Merry Christmas Status, a user should click on this links at their own risk. These websites can store personally identifiable information which is bound by their own privacy policies and Merry Christmas Status is not responsible for collecting this information nor we have access to this information. Different advertisers like Google can use cookies to serve ads in a better way based on the visit and surfing of the user via different websites. Merry Christmas Status have not any control over these cookies and thus, is not
responsible for information collected by these cookies.

Terms of use

To use Merry Christmas Status, you must accept this privacy policy. If you are using this website, then it is considered that you are accepting of privacy policy and not have any objections to it.

Modification of privacy policy

The privacy policy of Merry Christmas Status is subject to change without any prior notice to visitors. Merry Christmas Status can modify privacy policy and required. We hold rights add, update and replace any conditions covered by this privacy policy. We will always display the date And last modification is made to the privacy policy at the top of this page.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.