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Merry Christmas Status 2018

Christmas 2018: Thanks for visiting again friends, We Have Collected The Best Collection For You. Christmas  Status 2018 then we must say you are in the right place. We finally manage to prepare the collection of best Status you surely going to love our collection. Also note, That’s why here we are providing any kind of Merry Christmas 2018 Status list in Hindi, English etc. which are easy to Copy and you can simply share these Merry Christmas Status with the people who mean you a lot.

Christmas Status 2018:

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year”.

“wishes you a happy time on Christmas.. Merry Christmas!”

“I believe in the magic of Christmas.”

“Christmas tells us We Are Never Alone. So WhatsApp me whenever you can.”

“Christmas is always in my heart like you are always on my WhatsApp list.”

“Always Available for a Christmas Party.”

“This Christmas don’t open your wallets, open your heart.”

Santa might not visit your Christmas party this year, but I will. WhatsApp Me.”

“I am dreaming of White Christmas, but it doesn’t snow here.”

“The real magic of Christmas is that the money from wallet vanishes instantly.”

“This Christmas don’t gift me with a present, give me your presence.”

“You’re my guiding star so I’ll follow you everywhere this Christmas.”

“Finally Christmas is here. I waited 364 days for this one.”

“Christmas Occurs Only Once A Year,
The Love That I Have For You Occurs,
Only Once In a Lifetime.”

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

“Ha ha ha Christmas is coming and
there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Selfishness makes Christmas a burden,
Love makes it a delight.”

“Christmas Is Not So Much about Opening Presents,
As Opening Our Hearts.”

“This Christmas don’t open your wallets,
open your heart.”

Funny Christmas Status 2018

“Merry Kissmyass with lots of hugs.”

“I’m only a morning person on December 25th.”

“May your holidays be like Santa – fat, cheerful and abundant!”

“All I want for Christmas is you… and pizza too.”

“Greetings from the North Pole! Don’t be shocked… it’s Christmas again!”

“Dear Santa: How much for your list with all the naughty girls on it?”

“Got my wife some lovely perfume for Xmas, it’s called Tester… Hope she likes it.”

“Dear kids, there is no Santa. Those presents are from your parent’s love, Wikileaks.”

“Christmas is canceled. I told Santa I’ve been good this year. He died laughing.”

“I knew you were coming so I baked a cake. It was delicious. Happy Christmas!”

“Dear Santa: this year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body, and this year doesn’t mix the two up.”

“Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve? Because it soot’s him.”

“Christmas is a time for remembering family and trying to guess everyone’s sizes! Have a Wonderful Christmas!”

“My neighbor put up his Christmas lights today. I bet he’s pissed that I beat him to it. I put mine up three years ago.”

“Nothing is sadder than a gift card that says “Cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol”.”

“From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it.”

“Google should have a Christmas Season Street View that shows houses with Christmas lights.”

“Choosing someone based on their looks, is like picking a Christmas gift based on the wrapping paper.”

“What’s red and white and red, red and white, and red and white? Santa Claus rolling down a hill!”

“If playing the same music constantly is a form of torture, do shops at Christmas torture their employees?”

“No matter how old you are, an empty Christmas wrapping paper tube is still a fun thing to bonk someone over the head with!”

“Christmas shopping is done… I got everyone a box with a note in it that reads. “Sorry, the world was supposed to end so I didn’t get you anything. Blame the Mayans!”

“Anyone who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present. Merry Christmas!”

Funny Christmas Status For Friends 2018

“Let us rejoice and enjoy has lord has given this day to drink as much you want, Happy Christmas!”

“In case I drink too much and pass out for a while, Merry Christmas you guys.”

“My Christmas present to all of my friends! I took a naked selfie and deleted it.”

“To all those who received a book from me as a Christmas present…They are due back at the library today.”

“Your pain is my pains so please don’t do any of the stupid things we usually do; I want to enjoy this Christmas!”

“I wasn’t planning on giving Christmas gifts this year until I heard about those exploding Samsung G7 Note phones.”

“Christmas has been canceled! And it’s your fault because I told Santa you had been good and he died laughing!”

“Christmas is truly full of wonders. It makes all of my savings disappear! That is the Christmas magic Merry Christmas!”

“A boy writes to Santa asking for a brother and receives a reply back from Santa send me your mother.”

“I’d like to apologize for getting drunk and making an ass of myself at your Christmas party next week.”

“May on this Christmas Glow of prosperity and joy of Happiness Fill in your body along with Christmas wine Merry Christmas to you!”

“I want you to have a safe holiday, so on Christmas morning, Do not stand between the kids and the presents! Merry Christmas!”

“Any of my friends who believe the “Mayan’s Prediction” please let me know as soon as possible. Your opinion will only be based on this year Christmas gifts. Thanks.”

Short Funny Christmas Status 2018

“How do cats greet each other at Christmas? A furry Merry Christmas and Happy Mew Year!”

“Do not expect Santa they all are Drunk and flat Merry Christmas without gifts!”

“Christmas tip: Wrap empty boxes and put them under the tree. Every time your child acts up, throw one in the fireplace.”

“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, Not cause I like snow or anything, I’m just a racist.”

“Dear Santa, I’m writing to let you know that I’ve been naughty… and it was worth it. You fat, judgmental bastard.”

“I wish you a White Christmas! But if your White Wine runs out, drink the Red…”

“I’m pretty sure my Internet Explorer “error reports” end up the same place my letters to Santa do.”

“I don’t always cut down a fresh Christmas tree..but when I do, I pick the best one from my neighbor’s yard.”

“I accidentally drank two energy drinks this morning and now my house is decorated for Christmas.”

“Memo from Santa: Due to the rising cost of coal, this year people on the naughty list will be receiving Nickelback CDs.”

“Santa won’t be coming this year…He died laughing when you said you’d been a good girl. Have a Merry Christmas.”

“Dear Santa, If you promise to be nice and give me everything on my list, I promise to give you the antidote to those poisoned cookies you just ate. Thank you!”

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